Lover’s Trial

Jann M. Lasanta Pérez
Programa de Estudios Interdisciplinarios (Escritura Creativa)
Facultad de Humanidades


Come to me, sweet everlasting love, come to me.

 I've been lusting your appearance

 I've been wanting your presence

And adoring your existence.

Oh sweet love, fair as a flower would ever be

Delicate as silk, sweet like jasmine

Gorgeous like the dawn of the day

You rise with such grace it makes my heart lose its pace

 Oh sweet love, like Shakespeare had once said

 'With any other name, just as sweet'

Oh sweet crazed love, won't you come to me?

Won't you please me? Have I not adored you enough?

Have I not worshiped the ground you walk on enough?

Do I need to kneel on my knees for you to see how much I love thee?

Sweet, sweet mad love

 And even so, that you have left

We are still not very far away

Our existences tangled in the mess that is the creation so called 'time'

 We are one, my love, but I ache for more

 I desire you and only you

 And if death would be the judge of our love then the trial as fallen

For I have fallen, fell to the ground and hit the doorway

Meet me at the entrance, My Love.

Revista [IN]Genios, Vol. 3, Núm. 2 (febrero, 2017).
ISSN#: 2374-2747
Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
© 2017, Copyright. Todos los derechos están reservados.

Posted on February 13, 2017 .