Undetermined Materiality

Xaymara Díaz Rosado
Departamento de Psicología
Facultad de Ciencias Sociales


Within a realm of forbidding

Where masses continue; seething.

Confined in dear life; unwilling.

Unchain from strife; believing.


Here within lies another dimension

Of worlds so true, so full of tension

With feelings so true, we feel the pain

But little do we know, if it’s all in vain

Here then, lays the blank canvas

The unfilled crevice, the quartz glass,

Without a whisper we imagine a single thorn

And so, in an instant, life is born


Oh, the enchant of the nude mind form

Wholly unbound, unrestrained by a lone sly storm

And yet, even in such dominance

We remain powerless by recognizance,

Without feeling the severe aftershock,

Bound by thought and mind; thunderstruck.


So shall the divine overflow,

And so shall obscurity grow.

Though light always finds its way,

Who are we to think, or even say?

For thoughts are easily misplaced,

Trapped inside our mental case.


Finally, as our phantom builds its crescendo

So its secretive voice begins to echo

A melody is heard within that is not ignored

Thus, a new meaning is naturally implored.

And so, is thy mind truly thine?

Or brought to life by a sensory lie?


Revista [IN]Genios, Vol. 3, Núm. 1 (septiembre, 2016).
ISSN#: 2374-2747
Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
© 2016, Copyright. Todos los derechos están reservados.

Posted on September 12, 2016 .