Who's Waiting

Jann M. Lasanta Pérez
Programa de Estudios Interdisciplinarios (Escritura Creativa)
Facultad de Humanidades


You left me here stuck in the same old place

I don't move an inch in case you come back

I've waited for so long, did you lose your way?

Things around me seem to change but I feel the same


You always ran away when things got tough

And never spoke a word to a living soul

Living in secrecy, that’s all you knew

Hiding in the same place we got through


It was my fault that you disappeared again

So I'll wait here for you until you return

I want to go out and look for you

But by the time I'm there you'll be gone too


And this chase will never end

Everybody tells me it’s because you’re dead

They say that you took away your own life

I try to tell myself maybe it’s just a lie


For all the crazy, the love and moments that we shared

And all the hurting since you've been gone that I've had to bear


And it breaks me to come to see

That all this time who was really waiting was you for me



Revista [IN]Genios, Vol. 3, Núm. 1 (septiembre, 2016).
ISSN#: 2374-2747
Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
© 2016, Copyright. Todos los derechos están reservados.

Posted on September 12, 2016 .